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Wattanakit Thanarattananukul
Digital Platform and E-Commerce
Privacy and Data Protection
Intellectual Property
Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Personal Profile

Wattanakit is a Counsel of Lexpertise Law Firm and a seasoned litigator with an impressive track record of over 15 years of professional experience in the courtroom. He has established himself as a formidable legal advocate, specializing in a diverse range of cases, including Commercial Litigation, Criminal Litigation and Defense, Labor Cases, Real Estate and Property, Intellectual Property, and Technology-related disputes.

Wattanakit has obtained extensive experience in various practice areas throughout his litigator career. Before joining Lexpertise Law Firm, Wattanakit worked at a law firm founded by the ex-President of the Lawyers Council of Thailand for 8 years. He later joined a law firm specialized in IP-Tech practice as Head of the Litigation department. After 3 years, Wattanakit decided to move to a leading Southeast Asian regional law firm to work as a Senior Litigator in an intellectual property enforcement department for more than 5 years. Throughout his career, Wattanakit has demonstrated a passion for seeking justice and delivering successful outcomes for his clients. He ensures that each client receives personalized attention, compassionate guidance, and a tenacious defense or representation in court.

Wattanakit holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Thammasat University in Thailand, where he honed his legal skills and developed a strong foundation in the principles of law. As a qualified lawyer and a proud member of the Lawyers Council of Thailand, Wattanakit is committed to upholding the highest standards of legal practice and ethics.


Legal experience 

Wattanakit's extensive experience encompasses a wide array of complex legal matters. He is committed to providing practical legal solutions tailored to each client's unique circumstances, ensuring that their rights are protected, and their interests are fiercely defended. Some of his achievements are demonstrated below:

  • Represented company directors of a Korean-Thai semiconductor chip manufacturer in a contractual dispute and successfully obtained a favorable decision, resulting in a return of stock ownership worth more than USD 3 million at the Civil Court.

  • Helped a Japanese manufacturer and seller of wellness care, baby, and childcare products in a complex lawsuit with a claimed amount of over USD 3 million against a Financial institution regarding employee’s fraudulent act. This case involved the complicated issue of forged signatures, which required coordination with the Central Institute of Forensic Science to prove the client’s claim.

  • Successfully represented one of the largest companies in the Thai Sugar industry in a key trademark lawsuit against a previously affiliated company and helped claim joint ownership of several trademark registrations and applications for use with the client’s sugar products.

  • Defended a Finnish elevator engineering company and its company director against a defamation claim sued by the company of the client’s ex-employee at the Criminal Court.

  • Assisted a university lecturer by filing a lawsuit to claim compensation from a private university for their unfair dismissal at the Central Labor Court and successfully obtained a satisfactory decision.


  • LL.B., Thammasat University

  • Member of The Lawyer Council of Thailand


+ 66(62)6695445

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