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The direction of developing Thai lawyers' ability in trial advocacy

Mar 17, 2022

In the past, there was a saying that Lawyer are born not make, meaning that a person to become a lawyer must be born as a lawyer. Is it true or not? I'll explain to you.
Many people believe that a person to be a lawyer must be born as a lawyer. because in the past We think that being a lawyer is an innate talent. unable to cultivate but when we have more knowledge about how We know that being a lawyer can be practiced.
Therefore, Lawyer are Make Not Born. A good lawyer can be created and trained. First of all, we have to know the meaning first that Advocacy comes from the English word Advocacy, which means speaking for others, who we speak for, we speak for our clients. Lawyers must have the art of persuading others. We can motivate judges in two ways:

1 Writing. Lawyers must have the ability to write to persuade judges. We can show it through various pleadings such as indictment, testimony, various statements. In addition, 2. We can motivate judges by speaking, speaking in court. That is the process of taking witnesses in court. We can persuade by taking witnesses in court. Examining documentary evidence in court Including verbal statements, these things can enable us to perform our attorneys' duties as efficiently as possible.
Technical knowledge of how to say Including techniques in litigation in court, there are many more. I will bring knowledge And these various techniques come to fry for lawyer friends.

Nandana Indananda
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